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anxiety and panic disorders

Anxiety & Panic disorders



adolescent related issues

Adolescent related issues

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Career path



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Personal Development





Client Testimonials

"Lean Counseling opened my mind to a world of possibilities. I particularly appreciate how they used the approach of defining me as a person through the color Q test and relating it to how I should run my company as a founder. I have learnt to leverage on my strengths and seek assistance on what i do not thrive in and now my business has been catapulted to a higher level. Thank you Lean"

Cogwheel Creations

"No words can explain how much am better just from you !!! So let me see how best I can express it I came in for my confidence. But you saw something else that needs more attention. I felt like you saw me. I know it’s a cliche line, but I didn’t realize I chose a life where I made somethings super complex for no reason."

Happy Client

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